What is GenesisGaia?

GenesisGaia is a genomic data marketplace created by Genesis Healthcare, Japan’s leading genetic testing and advanced analytics company. Genesis collects, curates, and shares genetic-phenotypic data from direct-to-consumer genetic testing, joint research, and affiliated medical institutions. GenesisGaia cohort is the largest re-contactable research database of genotypic, and phenotypic information in Japan.

Genesis Healthcare hopes to nurture GenesisGaia to become a state-of-the-art platform to increase R&D productivity, and accelerate R&D, and business decision-making. Only de-identified data discovery, and access from consented participants, and patients are available for research purposes under a robust security system. GenesisGaia can accelerate R&D decision-making related to drug discovery, early clinical development, patient selection, clinical trial simulation, and medical care.

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