March 26, 2020

Genesis Healthcare Launches Genomic-data Marketplace Tool for R&D

TOKYO, March 2, 2020 -- Genesis Healthcare Co., Japan's leading genetic testing and research company, today announced the launch of GenesisGaia's new genomic-data-marketplace tool for Research & Development in Japan to empower industry researchers by increasing their productivity in crucial applications such as accelerating drug discovery, clinical development, and precision medicine, as well as strengthening the development of personalized consumer products and services.

Genesis Healthcare collects, curates, and shares genomic, genotypic-phenotypic data from direct-to-consumer genetic testing, joint research collaborations, and affiliated medical institutions. The GenesisGaia cohort is Asia's largest re-contactable research database of genotypic-phenotypic information.

GenesisGaia is exclusively available for strategic research partners, and it only includes de-identified data discovery and access to datasets from consented participants and patients for research purposes under a robust security system.

Accelerating Drug Discovery and Clinical Development
One of the most productive R&D use cases of GenesisGaia is accelerating drug discovery and clinical development. According to the latest scientific literature, drugs with genetically supported targets are more likely to be successful in Phase II and III, increasing approval by higher than two-fold. - Nelson et al. 2015 (Nature Genetics); King et al. 2019 (Plos Genetics).

Our research partners can search GenesisGaia's dataset by Japanese genetic variants (SNPs), gene name, individual and family disease history, lifestyle, patient-reported outcome, demographics, and geographical location as well as by Clinvar pathogenic and rsID for new drug targets and biomarkers for patient selection with desired characteristics.

It is possible to conduct a cohort design for clinical trial simulation and potential patient recruitment by creating and sending out custom surveys to collect additional patient-reported outcome data points and advanced analytics.

To learn more, visit our corporate site and GenesisGaia webpage

About Genesis Healthcare Co. Ltd
Genesis Healthcare Co., Ltd. is a leading biotech company, pioneering genetic research since 2004 and promoting preventive healthcare and wellness through genetic testing. Leveraging more than 15 years of genetic research and development, Genesis Healthcare empowers medical institutions and end consumers alike to evolve towards personalized wellness and medicine. Originated in Japan, Genesis Healthcare offers medical, corporate, and consumer services through a range of innovative services across the Asia Pacific region. GeneLife is the direct-to-consumer brand of Genesis Healthcare.

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