Our Solution

Advanced search criteria

With GenesisGaia customers can set, configure and add search criteria such as gender, age, height, weight, origin, place of birth / place of residence, SNP, gene name, rsID, lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking history, and furthermore, medical history, etc.

Search according to your needs

Customers using the GenesisGaia platform can narrow down a target population sample group by modifying and adding search criteria to suit their needs.

Search for genetic data and disease factors

GenesisGaia is a genotype and phenotype database, tool and ecosystem platform that enables comprehensive research to understand diseases and their causes. Going forward, we aim to help create new drugs for the treatment of rare and other diseases.

Creating new value using genetic data

GenesisGaia compiles completely new data collected mainly through results of genetic testing of Japanese people. Through combining this with customer's own service and solutions, we strive to support creation of new value.

Data Description

The datasets include genetic variants (including rsID), basic information (age, gender, height, weight, etc.), geographical location information, gene names (including synonyms), disease history, Clinvar Pathogenic, disease-related genes. (In addition to public databases disease information, Genesis Healthcare data includes de-identified cohort data sets from Japanese and Asian consented participants).

User Interface

  • ❶Select search parameters Set the information items you want to search, such as gene name (search by rsID is also possible), disease history, basic information.
  • ❷Setting search information Search by combining data items. There are no restrictions on search combinations (however, from the perspective of personal information protection, the maximum number of genetic variant combinations is 39).
  • ❸Search execution Browse search results. Determine an approach that targets relevant data and users (i.e., clinical trial patient recruitment, drug discovery target search, gene-life pattern correlation studies, etc.).